Marcus D & nitsua
Mini album / 12inch vinyl release
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side a
| Marcus D |
1. Ayahuasca feat. nitsua
2. Finding Self
3. Mystique
4. Silent Anthem

side b
| nitsua |
1. dawn within worlds feat. Marcus D
2. factory structure (interlude)
3. lost in translation
4. Epoch outro

Produced by Marcus D & nitsua

Marcus D side mixed by Marcus D & Vitamin D
nitsua side mix and mastered by nitsua & Rythmatical

artwork by David Verba

release 12.01.15
2015 visioneternal | AbsolutZero
www.visioneternal.net | absolutzero.bandcamp.com
visioneternal twitter | AbsolutZero twitter
#visioneternal | #AbsolutZero

*a portion of the proceeds earned by the artists under visioneternal and AbsolutZero from the sale of this release will be donated to the non- profit organization Make-A-Wish Foundation.
*first attempt at an international release

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